About Me

The Psilocybin Mushroom has a lot to offer us as individuals and as a society. But in order to understand its lessons, we need to learn to navigate its novelty.

A few years back, I went through a period of destructive substance use and unhealthy lifestyle choices. At the tail end of this time in my life, I had become completely lost in self-deprecating inner-narratives, personal confusion, depression, and an overwhelming sense of alienation. I had no idea what to do.

It may seem paradoxical, but I began working with the Magic Psilocybin Mushroom as a healing tool. Once a month, by myself, I would take a medium-high dose and ask to be shown how to heal. I went through some of the most painful experiences of my life during those ceremonies. After thirteen unbroken months of this practice, I found myself happy, healthy, confidant, and living a wondrously prosperous life. I have been a public advocate for the sanctification of psychedelics ever since. Decomposing The Shadow is my first full-length book and the next step in this mission.

Far from just a recount of my personal story, this book is a complete psychological model for the psilocybin experience as it pertain to mental-emotional healing, personal growth, and psychospiritual maturation. In doing so it outlines what the psilocybin experience shows us about the very nature of reality itself, from the conceptualization of experience, the effects of social conditioning, and freedom emotional repression. It also provides points and perspectives on the responsible use of this medicine for self-guided healing practice.

From conception to publication, this project has been grassroots movement. The bulk of the funding for its production was raised through Indiegogo, a crowd-funding website. It is still grassroots and independent, through purchasing this book you are supporting me in my mission to cultivate a mature discussion on psychedelics. Thank you.